Jenna and Tristan are award winning photographers based out of Victoria and Toronto, and are available for travel worldwide.

Our Belief

We know your wedding isn’t a play, that your details aren’t just for show. What you’ve put into your wedding is a reflection of what got you to this place, and it’s a celebration of who you are as individuals as well as a couple, and it’s a celebration of who you will become. That deserves to be honoured, for you, for your family (both born and made), for your friends and for all those who come after you. Your wedding is a significant moment in your personal and family history, and we photograph it as such.

Whether you’re marrying your first love, the parent of your child, or an even bigger love than your first, we believe in your celebration and will create classic, timeless photographs that you will reflect on and love for the years to come.

And when it comes time to photograph your family, we bring the same truth and creativity to our approach. We love the little moments in daily life that make you unique, that portray the real feeling of parenthood. We love the little reflections of your adult personalities that show up in your children. Families are quirky, fun and loving and we embrace that. We want you to have those memories to show your sons and daughters when they one day are parents themselves. There is so much beauty in your day to day, and we love to capture that.

Our Story

When Tristan and Jenna met in photography school back in 2006, they fell in love and fast. Tristan was a graduate and working as the darkroom technician at the time, and Jenna fell for his knowledge and intensity. His frank nature fell perfectly in line with her sense of humour and let to constant teasing between the two of them. Meanwhile, Tristan fell for Jenna’s honesty. Genuine to fault, he once called her. After finding out that Tristan could cook, Jenna proposed that they should probably get married, and Tristan never really said no. This did not go unnoticed. Shortly after they were living together, and a year later Tristan actually proposed and they’ve been happily married and working together since.


We definitely live an artistic and passionate life. We collect instruments that we don’t yet know how to play, and we’ve got books coming out of our ears. We sew and knit, and one of us can cook (*cough* Tristan), and as cliche as it is, we live for our morning cup of coffee. If we’re not making something, we’re soaking it in.

Though we don’t currently have any children, it doesn’t stop us from loving yours, and Jenna will jump at the chance to borrow your carrier and your baby. She will rub your pregnant belly and Tristan will soak up your stories of fatherhood. If you don’t have kids (or you found a sitter) we’ll be with you at the bar, and we’ll be there ’till the very end with a scotch in hand. Yes, Jenna too. We feel at home in airports and love to be at cottages, and we happily travel often between the east and the west.

Our work

We fall in love quickly, and while we’re sentimental, we don’t like our work to be cheesy. We love photographs that teach or reflect some kind of honesty in humanity. We believe that photographs are important to history and to personal development and understanding, and that responsibility is not lost on us. We shoot, we print often, and we cherish what photography teaches us. There is no question that we are reflected in our work, and that we love the process of making it.

While we truly love weddings and families, our photographic work doesn’t end there. We are both members of ATRIA Collective, where you will find our documentary work with birth, music, street and artists.