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Lyndsey & Gordon

When Lyndsey and Gordon started dating, his youngest sister Kelsey was only 4 years old. Lyndsey had plans to marry Prince William at the time. When she was about 8, Kelsey took matters into her own hands and made a list of pros and cons as to why Lyndsey should marry her brother instead.

The Gordon Pro List included:
– he’s really tall so he can reach things for you
– he’s really good at skipping rocks
– he has a cute dog
– he has two awesome, pretty sisters

How can you resist a tall man with good rock skipping ability? Lyndsey was convinced.

I know weddings can be a lot of work, money, and to some it seems a like a lot of fluff for just a single day. But they really are so much more than that. As I was reminded here at this wedding, life is meant to be celebrated and people should be loved, and told that they are loved, be it partners, parents, co-parents or siblings. I love nothing more than to see a day in which there will be no regrets, and all involved are celebrated and celebrate together. Why wait until tragedy to reflect on what we all mean to each other when we can instead reflect on that now, in times of joy.

Junebug Weddings features Sara & Gerry

Jenna Tristan Junebug Weddings

We’re excited that this past week Junebug Weddings featured Sara & Gerry’s winter wedding on their What Junebug Loves blog. Carmen of Devoted to You Inc in Toronto did such a wonderful job on this wedding, and was instrumental in making this day as beautiful as it was!

Sara & Gerry

Regardless of it being January, we all traveled to Sara and Gerry’s ceremony coatless. It was cold, but you wouldn’t have noticed. Sara greeted her happy flower girls and ring bearers with the natural ease that teachers have with kids, and chatter and laughter ensued both inside and outside of the church. In the pews was Gerry, beaming. He hugged and kissed all his guests and doted on his Nona, all while quite literally, beaming. More importantly, he doted because he wanted to and not out of obligation. Just before the second church doors opened to let Sara and her father through for that walk down the aisle, they both started to tear up. Sara’s dad very quietly at first, and then Sara, because who can resist their Dad crying? At the end of that walk, those tears turned to giant smiles and now both Sara and Gerry are beaming. As you can guess, I was too and i’m sure just about everyone there. Just as you can’t resist a cry with your parents, who can resist such a happy bride and groom? The beaming just continued from that point on, from the bus to the podium, from the speeches to the dancing, to the very last drink served to the very last and dedicated dancers. And it continued through to the next morning where the stories were recounted with tearful laughter over brunch.

Sara & Gerry – Engagement

There is something about these two that really works. Between the way Gerry looks at Sara and the ease with which she leans on him, you just know that they each have what the other needs.

Ontario in June

With a wedding there at the end of month, Tristan and I photographed in Ontario for most of June. We drove from one end of the province to another, stopping along the way and joining the lives of different families, if only for a short while. It was bitter sweet, getting to spend time with a wonderful family and then having to leave them the next day. But it was great, and we’re grateful to have the small windows into the many different versions of family life. Here is just a small taste of the people who filled our hearts with love on this recent trip. More stories to come.


Cari & Paul

Tristan and I recently spent some time with Cari and Paul in Yorkville Park, Toronto where Paul proposed. A (soon to be) husband and wife team like us, they run their company Think Unique out of the city. It’s always nice to see other couples that get the chance to work together, as obviously we love it! We are really looking forward to their wedding this fall, especially after getting a chance to hang out with them and their two gorgeous and friendly pit bulls!