Josie & Ian

There was a moment at Josie and Ian’s wedding where I felt like I was standing in a movie. It was in the early evening, as portraits were finished and everyone was starting to mingle around the dinner table and put on their cardigans for the cooler night. It really hit me just how much love was packed into this small island wedding, and how lovely it felt to watch it unfold. This wedding was like a pinterest board come to life only with kisses, laughter and tears. A whole lot of tears. Such a group of friends these two pulled together. I am fairly certain every guest cried at one point over the course of the day, most during their personally created forest ceremony. It’s not every day you are able to be around such an open minded group of people, ALL expressing how much they love the couple. If I could wish something for anyone, it would be that they felt as loved as i’m sure Josie and Ian did on their wedding day.



  1. Phenomenal photos. Brings all the fun and beauty of the day flooding back. What a special celebration and incredible couple to celebrate!

  2. Dr Linda Christensen

    Wow!!!! So beautiful! I’m so happy for you Josie!! You two make the most awesomely wonderful couple!! Blessings and love galore to the both of you as you continue your amazing adventure together! Hugs!!

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  4. wow. I love everything about this wedding – your beautiful captures, how the spirit of the day shines through, the love, fun & exuberance. Amazing work. Congratulations to you all.

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