Big Blog of 2013

Sometimes, I hate blogging. Just hate it. Not because I don’t want to share our photographs, not because I have nothing nice to say, but because I have SO many nice things to say that they all sound the same. But here is the thing, they aren’t. Those nice things that require nice words on repeat are all new sentiments. When I say I love a couple, I mean it and with each couple comes a new way of loving them.

Take for example Sara and Gerry. I’ve already blogged about them this year, but I do love them so. They crack me up and each time I spend time with them I am left laughing and gut aching, and that has been true for years. Having known Sara forever, I get to love Gerry even more as such a treasured new edition to our lives. Jaime and Vishal, well they just melted my heart with every word. Vishal being so sentimental, having planned his wedding for years and Jaime so sweet and funny in turn, I was just in awe of them. Vanessa and Joseph, though we had a quick rendezvous were so open and loving and full of joy. Hardly a moment went by where Vanessa wasn’t ear to ear with a smile so full of love. I love so much Lyndsey and Gordon, who we’ve also managed to blog, how they are so appreciative and family oriented and open minded. They are so light and fun and still have a deep understanding of what is important, without having had the harsh reminders that some people need to get them to this same place. I love the way that Amy and Reuben both adore one another and yet are dedicated to a life of work and effort from each side. I don’t have a single doubt that they are ready for the life ahead of them, and that together they have so much love to look forward to. I love how romantic Amber is and how although Adam doesn’t exclaim his love for love to the world like she does, he devotes his entire life to serving his town and protecting the people around him. If at all, he cries quickly and quietly and loves Amber for all the wonderful things that we love about her. Natasha and Naheed, they have been in love for years. They are so comfortable together, so loving and selfless to their families and live together in friendship and in love. Nora and Max are the most sentimental and sweet, confident individuals. They were laughing the minute we showed up, tearing up through their smiles in their ceremony and leaning on each other (sometimes literally) through out their day, basking in the joy of their commitment. Simon and Kaitlyn were fun, so involved in every homemade aspect of their wedding and so sweet and bright. They too have been friends for years and it shows. Jessica and Adam, well they just blew me away with kindness and homour, empathy and intelligence. I have hardly scratched the surface of what they have to teach the world, nor would I be able to properly put it into words. Days of festivities with Alia and Farooq showed us the incredible values and lively character that these two encompass. The many more days of festivities with Robin and Nik showed us how hilarious and passionate Robin is and how Nik is so virtuous and considerate. Paul and Colleen and their beautiful son Julian showed the world how meaningful second marriages can be and make me so proud to be able to photograph such significant moments in human’s lives. They were so gentle and yet funny, so sweet and lighthearted. We had a couple who wishes to remain private but I still want to honour the level of beauty and elegance that they brought to their wedding, a setting that will remain a private and yet stunning memory in our heads. We have Stacy and Eric, and their adorable son Mason, who bring a whole new level of thought, kindness and conversation to both us and everyone around them. They are both so compelling and loving, and like many of our wonderful couples, still have the ability to throw all serious thought to the wind and dance all night with their family and friends under the stars. And last but in no way the least, we have Tara and Terry who laughed and laughed and laughed, and are so naturally magnetic you can’t help but be drawn to them. Their natural sweetness and love for people and life takes your breath away.

So my friends it brings me to this. All I want to say is I love you I love you I love you. On repeat. I don’t want you to come to our blog and see the same thoughts over and over again and yet I can’t help it. Each time I use the word love I mean it a little differently and yet as I am not a writer by profession I lack the ever evolving skill to describe each nuance. I hope to do so in our photographs instead. So, I may or may not be writing a chunk about each couple from now on. I might give you some sentiments or stories, but the lack of writing on any given blog will not be for the lack of love or heart. It’s just the opposite. I want to bring more stories to you, and if being reserved about sounding repetitive is preventing that, and I’d like to address that head on. I want to show you visually, all the wonderful things we love about each and every couple or family we photograph and for those of you who are in these pictures… we love you.

Lyndsey & Gordon

When Lyndsey and Gordon started dating, his youngest sister Kelsey was only 4 years old. Lyndsey had plans to marry Prince William at the time. When she was about 8, Kelsey took matters into her own hands and made a list of pros and cons as to why Lyndsey should marry her brother instead.

The Gordon Pro List included:
– he’s really tall so he can reach things for you
– he’s really good at skipping rocks
– he has a cute dog
– he has two awesome, pretty sisters

How can you resist a tall man with good rock skipping ability? Lyndsey was convinced.

I know weddings can be a lot of work, money, and to some it seems a like a lot of fluff for just a single day. But they really are so much more than that. As I was reminded here at this wedding, life is meant to be celebrated and people should be loved, and told that they are loved, be it partners, parents, co-parents or siblings. I love nothing more than to see a day in which there will be no regrets, and all involved are celebrated and celebrate together. Why wait until tragedy to reflect on what we all mean to each other when we can instead reflect on that now, in times of joy.

Jody & Greg

In the morning after Jody was in her wedding dress, I went outside where Greg and Tristan had just arrived to say hello. I said to Greg that Jody was looking beautiful. Without any hesitation,  hands in the air and a huge smile on his face he replies, “Jody is so beautiful on the inside and out, she’s my gift!!!”. Come their receiving line, each and every guest that went through (almost all with tears and giant hugs) got a glowing compliment from Greg and Jody about how wonderful they were and how beautiful they looked. If everyone treated their partners, friends, family and life the way Greg and Jody do we’d be one very lucky planet. And we are so lucky just to have these two on it in the first place.

Arora Sneak Peek


After his daughter’s wedding, Robin’s father said to us that when giving Robin away, he understood for the first time how his parents felt when he left India at 18 years old.