Sara & Gerry

Regardless of it being January, we all traveled to Sara and Gerry’s ceremony coatless. It was cold, but you wouldn’t have noticed. Sara greeted her happy flower girls and ring bearers with the natural ease that teachers have with kids, and chatter and laughter ensued both inside and outside of the church. In the pews was Gerry, beaming. He hugged and kissed all his guests and doted on his Nona, all while quite literally, beaming. More importantly, he doted because he wanted to and not out of obligation. Just before the second church doors opened to let Sara and her father through for that walk down the aisle, they both started to tear up. Sara’s dad very quietly at first, and then Sara, because who can resist their Dad crying? At the end of that walk, those tears turned to giant smiles and now both Sara and Gerry are beaming. As you can guess, I was too and i’m sure just about everyone there. Just as you can’t resist a cry with your parents, who can resist such a happy bride and groom? The beaming just continued from that point on, from the bus to the podium, from the speeches to the dancing, to the very last drink served to the very last and dedicated dancers. And it continued through to the next morning where the stories were recounted with tearful laughter over brunch.


  1. layton

    such an incredible set of memories. what a gift you two have.

  2. Love this wedding so much! I could look at your images forever. Every time I come back to your blog I am blown away. Awesome.

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