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Bronwynn & Steven

This was a wedding of high school sweethearts, and families that have known and loved one another for years already. There is a comfort between a pair who have shared all of their formative years together and still have grown in tandem. Bronwynn and Steven are each others best friend. After many years they celebrated their strong bond, supported by all of those who loved them while they grew into the pair they are today.

Alex & Joey

Quite a few people ask us why we love photographing weddings, or what we love most about it.

I’m sure this is a question asked to a lot of photographers. In response, Tristan and I always comment on how we love to watch families and their interactions with one another, regardless of how subtle or obvious. More often than not I refer back to Joey and Alex’s wedding as an example. This wedding was held on their family’s island last summer, in the gulf islands. They already have two beautiful children and have been together for years, so their wedding was symbolic of the relationship that they already have and the life they’ve already built. Tristan and I hadn’t actually met either Joey or Alex until the day before the wedding at their rehearsal dinner. Through a rather large group of people I could tell almost right away who they were once i’d found them, by their beaming smiles. Not only did we find that they were so in love with one another (which lets face it we hope is obvious with all our couples) but with every guest at the wedding. Constantly we’d see people hugging, crying, and kissing. The wedding day was no different, and really a photographers dream. The location, decor, and all the planning that went into this wedding was incredible. For example they had circ dancers at their cocktail hour and an Abba cover band at the reception. Alex even purchased her beautiful dress from Kleinfelds in New York. But what we walked away with the most from this wedding was a strong sense of family love, and so this wedding will be held close in our memories for a long time to come. ~Jenna


Truffles Catering Wedding

I can’t help but smile every time I look at this photo.  This is a type of moment I have really started to enjoy at weddings,  when the groom gives me a quick glance or a look that acknowledges me as more than just the… Read more