Wedding Photographers Canada

Jessica & Adam

Stanley Park Pavilion, Vancouver

You have given us a gift that has touched us deeply. We’ve struggled to find the words to describe how we felt during the wedding events, and now we don’t need to find the words. Your photos say it all for us. They express exactly how we felt. Thank you for capturing these moments in time for us and turning fleeting seconds into lasting memories for us and our families.

From our hearts, we thank you.


We LOVE the gallery SOOOOO much!!!

So, last night we were watching a movie in bed and Adam fell asleep. I stayed up till about 1:30am, checked my email and then fell asleep thinking that I would probably hear from you in the morning. For some reason, I awoke at 3:30am and decided to check my email and saw that you had JUST emailed us the gallery! Since, with our engagement photos, Adam had stayed up waiting for your email and then woke me up at 130am to look at them, I woke him up at 3:30am and we went through the photos in the middle of the night!!!! We were up till 6am before we finally fell back asleep!!!!!

They are so awesome. You guys really captured the heart of that day and when we look through the photos, we relive the emotions all over again. THANK YOU!

…. I think I’ve probably watched the slideshow a hundred times already and every time I watch it, I cry!….. and also, I can’t believe that woman in those pictures is me!!!


Wedding Photographers Canada

Amy & Reuben

Viamede Resort, Kawartha Lakes

Oh my GOD you guys are simply amazing. We, along with all of our guests (countless people approached me to comment on how amazing you both are) are blown away by your professionalism, attention to detail and welcoming demeanor. I didn’t even touch a camera on Saturday (hard for me) because I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was leaving that in the BEST of hands.

You guys were the topic of conversation on Sunday morning around the breakfast table. Countless “did you see (insert insanely cool and creative thing that you guys did)”.
The best was that everyone thought Tristan jumped in the water off the dock! I corrected them “no no, he crawled inside the pillar supporting it!!”. Possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen. No joke.

You are lovely, kind, fun, creative, professional and beautiful people. Your connection is so evident and I am so happy for you both. Having you there made our day so much more special.


Wedding Photographers Canada

Nikki & Brian

Union Station, Los Angeles

These are fantastic! You guys have brought tears to all of our eyes! So great to see – and better than we could have ever hoped for. It was the best day of our lives and it’s been great to relive through this slideshow. Thank you thank you!

Having you there with me in the morning Jenna was really special – I absolutely loved it! And I know Brian really enjoyed your company Tristan too – you both made us feel at ease and totally comfortable.

Thanks again for working so hard, exceeding our expectations and being so awesome!! We are so happy that this very special day in our lives was captured by you two.


Wedding Photographers Canada

Alex & Joey

Goudge Island, British Columbia

Dearest Jenna and Tristan,

I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing the both of you are. Thank you so much for being such a big part of our wedding. You are both awesome. Everyone I have talked to that was at the wedding said the same thing! I swear you both have come up in every conversation that I’ve had about the day. I love it!

The photos are absolutely amazing! We were both in tears, then laughing, then in tears again remembering the whole weekend. Thank you so much for that slideshow… We must have watched it at least 15 in a row!

You guys are the best.


Wedding Photographers Canada

Amber & Adam

Russell, Ontario

Jenna! Tristan! HOLY CRAP!!! Adam and I are in LOVE with the pictures!! I mean, seriously, there is not a single thing we would change about them. They are so perfect and captured the moments that meant the most to us. You completely outdid yourselves!! We are going to be looking at these all night. Thank you so much for all that you did. You brought happy tears to my eyes again tonight. I love you guys so much. xoxox


Wedding Photographers Canada

Rachel & Terry

Caledon, Ontario

We received all of the pictures in the mail. We just love them! They are all so creative and thoughtful, and really capture some of the best moments of the day! I am completely enamored and totally overwhelmed with the number of “good ones” I want to print and share…. could be wall paper in our new house ;)

Thanks again for your hard work and professionalism. Your talent has been the topic of many conversations over the last few weeks.


Wedding Photographers Canada

Vanessa & Nick

Wynn, Las Vegas

Look at how many people like your slideshow! Look, people I don’t even really know are crying, that is how good you are! Love it so much have watched it like 12 times today alone!


Wedding Photographers Canada

Jaime & Vishal

Vaughan, Ontario

Hey Jenna…. I have to tell you… One of the most special and memorable things about my wedding day was you and Tristan. You were both the smash hit of the day because people are still talking to me about you two. You guys are a very special couple and I’m so glad Vishal found you. Thank you so much for everything.


Both Jaime and I always talk about you guys, saying stuff like; we truly loved you guys…when looking past both your amazing talents….you guys as people, are just truly amazing. I know in the grand scheme of things we just spent a short time in the coffee shop when we all met for the first time…and then fast forward to the actual wedding day…even though we were all together that entire day, it flew by…however just in these moments, both, Jaime and I knew we weren’t wrong on how we felt about you guys the moment after our first meeting at the coffee shop. We in all honestly no word of a lie, always say “I wish Jenna and Tristan lived here!”


Wedding Photographers Canada

Sarah & Dave

Cadboro Bay, Victoria

You two – oh my goodness, oh my goodness!!! We don’t have words (I’m still teary). You have made us feel tonight exactly the feelings we felt on our wedding night all over again. What a gift that is. You captured the energy, joy, vibrancy and love of our wedding day astonishingly perfectly. Talented feels like an understatement – you saw right into the heart of our families – and truly, these photographs will be treasured by us all forever. If you can see the play count, you’ll know we’ve watched it so many times already! We’ve just been on the phone with the fam in Victoria – truly, everybody is blown away, and can’t stop watching it.

We were just having a quiet Friday night at home – you caught us at the perfect time. We didn’t have a bottle of vino on the go – but we did pour ourselves a scotch :)

Thank you so, so much.


Wedding Photographers Canada

Father of the Bride

Lyndsey & Gordon's wedding

I cannot thank you enough for such wonderful photographs of Lyndsey and Gordon. Truly I have have never seen such outstanding work from professional photographers. We have now spent several hours over this weekend enjoying the beautiful slide show you have compiled. These photos are so beautifully natural and show what a ton a fun everyone had.

I can hardly wait to see the balance of your work and trust that should the Kiser family again require the support of professional photographers in the future, we will be in touch with you guys.

Thank you very much for capturing this day so well so that our family can enjoy these memories for the rest of our lives!


Wedding Photographers Canada

Nora & Max

Raven Lodge, Vancouver Island

Oh wow! …..those photos just took our breath away! We are so appreciative of what you both have honored us with! You both were SO professional and cute, and wonderful! We tried to wait but ended up watching the slideshow in the parking lot of the “edible island” health foods store….tearing up and feeling so much love for each other. Thank you so much for what you’ve captured for us. The photos brought us back to the moment and the day, thank you so much, they are all SO PERFECT! We couldn’t have honestly asked for a better day, the day you captured was perfect and amazing! Thank you so much for being who you are and doing what you do! You are clearly in the right place and right profession. xoxo

~Nora & Max

Wedding Photographers Canada

Christian & Evelyn

Wickaninnish Inn, Tofino

I still don’t know what to say, honestly..these photos are just to great! I was secretly hoping for a few shots, like the apple shot with Julian, bath with Liam…;) Evie reading the letter.. ;) some campfire, shirtless fun shots…and all there and beyond what I could have imagined!! The one of Liam and Joerg in the bedroom, me shaving…unreal, Liam in Evies arms, ahhh…well…I guess we’ll comment on every shot like this…hahahahahahahaha

And I don’t know how to thank you for this…I am not a very fluffy person…but having you at our wedding was destiny.


Kaitlynsim Ing

Kaitlyn & Simon

Sannich Family Farm, Vancouver Island

We received our photos, and are absolutely in love! You captured our day so perfectly, and it was wonderful to be able to look at the photos and remember how awesome it was! The details you captured, and your focus on emotion is stunning. Thank you so much for helping make our wedding so great, and giving us memories for years to come. We have so many favorites. All the ones of me riding down the aisle are GORGEOUS! Plus the ones down by the barn of Simon and I are so pretty with that end of day light. One of our absolute favorites though is the black and white picture during the ceremony where I am hugging Simon. The emotion on my face captures that moment perfectly, and that picture really is worth a thousand words.

You both are fantastic, and we think the world of you guys!

~Kaitlyn & Simon

Wedding Photographers Canada

Jody & Greg

Family Residence, Sydney

Thank you SOOOOO much for the incredibly beautiful slideshow! It had our full attention. For a full hour! The very first picture had me freaking out to Greg “That’s US!” in shock (mostly because I never thought I’d see such a beautiful picture of me/us!). We watched it a few times, full size, music cranked. We cried. Then we savoured each & every picture in the gallery where we could linger longer. AWESOME job!! You guys are unbelievably talented. Really! The angles, the things that you see that others don’t see or couldn’t capture. You captured the emotion of the day beautifully. Thank you so much. What a fantastic ‘gift’.


Wedding Photographers Canada

Lyndsey & Gordon

Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

I really can’t tell you how much we love the slideshow. The photos are incredible; you are both so talented and we feel so lucky that you were a part of our day. Thank you so much again for the slideshow. We can’t wait to show it to everyone and watch it a million times more :)

~Lyndsey & Gordon

Wedding Photographers Canada

Taeghan & Dave

Gambier Island, Sunshine Coast

You guys!!!! We just watched the slide show with a glass of wine and both agree that it is the best slide show we have ever seen!!!! LOL We absolutely love it! You totally captured our day :) And we are so glad that you did because to be honest… it just sort of flew by for us! You both did an incredible job as we knew you would! Loved it, loved it, loved it. Thank you a million times over :) xo

~Taeghan & Dave

Wedding Photographers Canada

Kirsch & Sunny

Hycroft Manor, Vancouver

OH MY GOD!! It is AWESOME. We’ve watched it 7 times and can’t stop laughing and crying. Sunny says it is “unreal”. Thank you does not cut it!!! I’m so speechless and happy. Thank you so so so much! You two are absolutely amazing at what you do! Love love love.