Wedding Photographers Canada

Sarah & Dave

Cadboro Bay, Victoria

You two – oh my goodness, oh my goodness!!! We don’t have words (I’m still teary). You have made us feel tonight exactly the feelings we felt on our wedding night all over again. What a gift that is. You captured the energy, joy, vibrancy and love of our wedding day astonishingly perfectly. Talented feels like an understatement – you saw right into the heart of our families – and truly, these photographs will be treasured by us all forever. If you can see the play count, you’ll know we’ve watched it so many times already! We’ve just been on the phone with the fam in Victoria – truly, everybody is blown away, and can’t stop watching it.

We were just having a quiet Friday night at home – you caught us at the perfect time. We didn’t have a bottle of vino on the go – but we did pour ourselves a scotch :)

Thank you so, so much.