Wedding Photographers Canada

Jessica & Adam

Stanley Park Pavilion, Vancouver

You have given us a gift that has touched us deeply. We’ve struggled to find the words to describe how we felt during the wedding events, and now we don’t need to find the words. Your photos say it all for us. They express exactly how we felt. Thank you for capturing these moments in time for us and turning fleeting seconds into lasting memories for us and our families.

From our hearts, we thank you.


We LOVE the gallery SOOOOO much!!!

So, last night we were watching a movie in bed and Adam fell asleep. I stayed up till about 1:30am, checked my email and then fell asleep thinking that I would probably hear from you in the morning. For some reason, I awoke at 3:30am and decided to check my email and saw that you had JUST emailed us the gallery! Since, with our engagement photos, Adam had stayed up waiting for your email and then woke me up at 130am to look at them, I woke him up at 3:30am and we went through the photos in the middle of the night!!!! We were up till 6am before we finally fell back asleep!!!!!

They are so awesome. You guys really captured the heart of that day and when we look through the photos, we relive the emotions all over again. THANK YOU!

…. I think I’ve probably watched the slideshow a hundred times already and every time I watch it, I cry!….. and also, I can’t believe that woman in those pictures is me!!!