Wedding Photographers Canada

Jaime & Vishal

Vaughan, Ontario

Hey Jenna…. I have to tell you… One of the most special and memorable things about my wedding day was you and Tristan. You were both the smash hit of the day because people are still talking to me about you two. You guys are a very special couple and I’m so glad Vishal found you. Thank you so much for everything.


Both Jaime and I always talk about you guys, saying stuff like; we truly loved you guys…when looking past both your amazing talents….you guys as people, are just truly amazing. I know in the grand scheme of things we just spent a short time in the coffee shop when we all met for the first time…and then fast forward to the actual wedding day…even though we were all together that entire day, it flew by…however just in these moments, both, Jaime and I knew we weren’t wrong on how we felt about you guys the moment after our first meeting at the coffee shop. We in all honestly no word of a lie, always say “I wish Jenna and Tristan lived here!”