Wedding Photographers Canada

Amy & Reuben

Viamede Resort, Kawartha Lakes

Oh my GOD you guys are simply amazing. We, along with all of our guests (countless people approached me to comment on how amazing you both are) are blown away by your professionalism, attention to detail and welcoming demeanor. I didn’t even touch a camera on Saturday (hard for me) because I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was leaving that in the BEST of hands.

You guys were the topic of conversation on Sunday morning around the breakfast table. Countless “did you see (insert insanely cool and creative thing that you guys did)”.
The best was that everyone thought Tristan jumped in the water off the dock! I corrected them “no no, he crawled inside the pillar supporting it!!”. Possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen. No joke.

You are lovely, kind, fun, creative, professional and beautiful people. Your connection is so evident and I am so happy for you both. Having you there made our day so much more special.